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Saibua factory focusing on producing and distributing unique Thai herbal products, focusing on the use of wisdom, blending with popular Thai herbs and easy to find in the local area. Including paying attention to products that have been certified 
for quality from various departments Both the private sector and the government to ensure that customers are assured of quality that has been maintained for nearly 13 years under the concept of “Saibua will be a producer of products by using the knowledge gained from local wisdom to produce Thai herbs With quality at a fair price “. People in the past utilized local herbs to make cosmetics. They employed folk knowledge to make many kinds of cosmetics in a simple way. Back to the present, herbs become popular employing modern technology which creates many herbal products.
The prices of all herbal products are reasonable while maintaining the merit of herbs and production standards. The enterprise utilizes folk knowledge to develop several herbal products including shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, Loofah soap bars, Lotions, Hair Treatments and various product made from coffee.
All the products employ modern packaging to make it convenient to use, but still, preserve the merits of herbs.
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