Rice Milk Soap

Milky Rice Facial Soap, Natural Herbal Soap, Handmade Soap

Bird Nest Rice milk soap is enhanced with added benefits of rice milk, rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and vitamin B 12. Each square can help repair damage from UVA and UV B exposure and to whiten the skin.

Filled with the highest quality natural ingredients like pure bird nest, Thai jasmine rice milk, each square of bird nest rice milk soap allows the skin to feel nourished, supple and soft to the touch with a delicate fragrance even long after used.


Natural Bird Nest: These adult birds will create a nest as a resting place for their eggs before the chicks are ready to fly. The parent bird will project in appropriate locations that can support a nest. Inside the parent birds is also a unique gastric juice that allows it to coagulate upon impact with the gentle sea breeze. After coagulation, a solid nest shape form. The key to this process is Epidermal Growth Gactor (EGF) and is also what aids our circulatory system. Increasing skin radiance and youthfulness.

Rice Milk extract: An extract of rice milk: germ-free and chemical free. As a source of nutrients beneficial to the body and skin like Vitamins E and B 12, it is high in antioxidants can restore and lighten skin harmed by UV damage, and provide deep skin moisture. The natural mineral properties of rice milk can help to soften the skin by exfoliation.


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